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PHP Mentoring

In the years ending the last century I started playing around with PHP, so happy to be writing small code snippets and exploring this brave new world of programming(I was using only plain old C before). Now I could build a GUI easily, connect to database or access my apps (I'am a little bit a shame to call it apps though) from anywhere in the world. After conquering each new 'feature' I wanted more. That usually meant hours or days of googling how to do stuff since I didn't have oportunity to ask anybody around. As much as I loved that exploration (and I love it now too) often I felt into begginer traps that destroyed some of my enthusiasm.

Today I found a great new project called PHP Mentoring and this reminded me how I was in a bad need of any kind of mentorship then. Few days ago Chris Hartjes was offering mentorship on testing with PHP and I'am so sorry to found about it late (all 3 positions were filled up). Although I have 13 years of working with PHP (only 6-7 for money :) I have a need to learn and no I'm not a shamed of it.

If you are a person interested in web development go to PHP Mentoring and apply. I know I will..