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My name is Miro Svrtan and I’m a professional PHP developer living in Zagreb, Croatia.

I started using PHP as a student, back in 1999. At first I worked as a one man band web developer and from there I progressed, via focusing on PHP development in a team environment, to being a technical analyst.

Since mid 2014 I run my own company Null Development, working remotely for EU based companies as Senior engineer, mostly using PHP/Symfony stack. While trying to create cleaner, better code that can be easily tested, I became a daily TDD/BDD practitioner using PHPUnit, PHPSpec & Behat.

With all the changes in PHP world last 5-6 years, I decided to switch my focus to backend development & ops work. This meant focusing more on technical requirements of projects ​rather than how applications behave or look. ​In this role, I ​had the opportunity to build and maintain multiple large scale PHP projects. I love my 15” MacBook, writing code in PHPStorm, running it in Vagrant, provisioning using Ansible ​locally as well as on staging and production servers to get the same environment everywhere. Most of my bugs are found by CircleCI or Travis CI before they hit staging or production.

I founded ZgPHP, a PHP user group based in Zagreb and WebCamp Zagreb, a language agnostic web development conference held in Zagreb and organized by multiple user groups.


developing in Linux / Nginx / MySQL

mostly using Symfony2 this days
developing on vagrant with Ansible provisioning
doing ops too
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