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Speaking at WebCamp Zagreb 2013: PHP renaissance

On this years WebCamp Zagreb I will be talking about renaissance happening in PHP world in last few years. Originally I wanted to submit this talk last year but I haven't found enough time to prepare it.

Though my slides will be in English, I will be talking in Croatian (forcing my conversational English would be a bit too much). As WebCamp Zagreb is expected to have more then 500 attendees this year, coming from different server-side languages, hopefully there will be a lot of people interested to hear how PHP is not that ugly duckling any more.

In short, I will cover changes that happened in last 2-3 years, from differences in language it self to many community driven projects and efforts and talk about pro's and con's of current world in PHP.

If you have used PHP before but switched or are interested to hear what has changed, I'm going to speak at 3pm on Track B, everybody is more then welcomed to come!