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Alea iacta est: New challenges

After spending great 3,5 years in Trikoder, I've decided to move on. A lot of people will probably ask if those 3,5 years were so great why are you going? Well first off, it was a hard decision for me to make while only reason is: new challenges.

Although I started programming PHP back in 1999, before Trikoder I was working for about 5 years as a one man band web developer while studying for university degree so Trikoder is my first professional development working expirence. So I started as a junior developer, became a senior dev and for last 18 months I was team leader and lead developer. Besides learning a lot about programming and software architecture from Vedran (Trikoder CTO) and other fellow developers, I upgraded a lot of my soft skills: communication, education, organization and motivation. Since we are a small company I was also project manager on multiple occasions, mainly on projects I was developing but even on one big where I wrote like 100 lines of code but had to manage a team of 8 people (PHP & frontend developers, designers) for a foreign client.

Trikoder supported and enabled me to visit web development conferences (not only ones in Zagreb), organize ZgPHP meetups and now WebCamp. Yes as a soon to be ex employee I can recommend Trikoder as a great place to work. I really had a great time here but I feel that it is time for new challenges.

I learned a lot but now I would like to facilitate all of this skills in more focused manor: working on a product or project.

Where am I going? Well this is first of those new challenges...