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ZGPHP Meetup #9

This was 5th session based meetup (4 were beer driven ones in a local pub :) ) located in Mama, we are really happy that there is such a great location for organizing smaller comunity meetings in Zagreb.

Neven Falica (Twitter) was speaking about LESS and Igor Vrdoljak ( Twitter ) talked about EzPublish platform. IMHO both speakers were very interesting and did a really good job but I might be not objective enough.

What really surprised me while organizing this PHP meetups is the speaker quality. We are a really small community and in average speakers here are much better then those I often see on local conferences which is pretty odd behavior but makes me happy :). Also visitors are not just potato bags sitting there doing nothing, there is always interaction with speakers and this is probably our greatest asset.

Unfortunately last few meetups number of visitors is starting to drop, we are not sure if we are going wrong way with the sessions or people are just not interested.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed, help me and Luka (Twitter) make this meetups even better. Of course any help with organization of events is most welcomed.